T and T Cleaning 

T and T Cleaning 


Residential Cleaning 

Residential Cleaning
Residential Cleaning

Our standard residential cleaning service provides a detailed and thorough cleaning of your entire house, but we can customize it to meet your needs and budget. We take pride in cleaning your residence, no matter what the size. No job is too big or too small! 

At T and T Cleaning Team we trust our employees and train them well. After being in business since 2010, we can assure you that we employ the best and provide the kind of service that will keep you as a customer for a long time. 

Our experienced, professional staff bring all the supplies and equipment needed to clean your home. However, it isn’t a problem if you have preferred products that are different from ours, if provided.

Living Area Cleaning Services


Dust ceiling fans, light fixtures, blinds and shutters, baseboards, window sills, chair rails, doors, doorframes, knick-knacks, lamps and shades, furniture, and shelves.   


Vacuum vinyl, tile, and wood floors, as well as rugs and carpet. Mop tile and bare floors in foyers using appropriate cleaners for the floor type.   

Glass & Mirror 

Clean all mirrors, whether framed or unframed, as well as horizontal and vertical glass to remove hand and fingerprints, dust, and unwanted spots.   

Beds & Linens 

Upon request, make beds and change linens 

Cobwebs & More

Remove all cobwebs, dog hair tumbleweeds, and dust bunnies that may be stuck in corners of the walls or floors.  


Empty wastebaskets and trash cans. Transfer to the trash connection point.

Kitchen Cleaning Services


Mop all vinyl and tile floors. Mop wood floors upon request. 

Clean & Dry

Clean and dry all countertops, including small appliances, canisters, and decorative items. 

Clean Appliances 

Clean and dry exterior of all appliances, including the microwave interior. 


Vacuum and clean floor. 

Mirror & Glass

Clean mirrors and horizontal glass. 

Sink & More

Clean and dry sink and fixtures.

Bathrooms Cleaning Services

Light Fixtures & More

Dust light fixtures, cabinets, towel bars, baseboards, and windowsills. 


Clean mirrors and glass. 


Clean, disinfect, and dry sink(s), fixtures, vanity, and toilet.   

Tub and Tile

Clean and disinfect tub and tile, shower, and fixtures. 

Vacuum and Mop

Vacuum and clean floors. Wet mop bare floors.

Additional Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning 

Wash interior windows. Wash light fixtures. 

Cabinets and More

Cleaning and wood treatment of paneling and cabinets. 


Woodwork washing (trim, baseboards) and wall washing. 

Upholstery & Furniture 

Vacuum upholstery on furniture. 


Clean oven. 


Clean the interior of the refrigerator.